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Testimonial 1        

"When I came to the Skin Center at first, being a young male at the age of 21, I was very skeptical. At this point, I was very frustrated with my face and my constant breakouts. In addition, I had a large amount of scarring as well. With that being said, I was very distraught as I was turned to the Skin Center. In other words, I had almost lost all hope for my face. My problem was that I was still getting bad acne at the age of 21, and acne scars from the past were always present no matter what other creams and washes I tried. However, little did I know at the time my life would be changed for the better, without a doubt.     

 The chemical peels were not uncomfortable for me at all, but I could really feel them work intensely on my face…I always knew they were working. The results would demonstrate this; after the first treatment I noticed immediate and significant improvement in terms of my face clearing up. I knew going in it would take more than one peel to keep things going, as I was determined to follow continuous maintenance of my face in between treatments which were every other week. The hard work paid off, my face is so much smoother and the scars are practically gone, I hardly breakout anymore and if I do because of stress it is so much easier to maintain. I will without a doubt be coming back after my TCA peel, as Aimee did a great job working with me and I couldn’t be happier with the results that followed my treatments… it really has changed my life and my confidence in light of my appearance at such a critical time in my life"




Here is how Nick describes his experience and remarcable results with Chemical Facial Peel at our Rockledge Acne Clinic


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Testimonial 2         

JC wanted to document his remarkable results in the following photos.








Testimonial 3   

Leeanne wanted to share with us her photo diary showing acne treatment results together with this original testimonial .

 leeanne letter






Testimonial 4

Monica Klingman talk about her experience with Laser Skin Rejuvenation Center of Brevard.


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Testimonial 5

Gina Kearney – Talks about her Laser Treatment for Severe Acne at Laser Skin Rejuvenation Center in Rockledge near Cocoa Beach, the only True Acne Clinic in the area.


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Testimonial 6

"I did not deal with much acne during highschool, an occasional flare up here and there, but after high school graduation and starting college, I began to see more severe acne appear. I was in Esthetics school at the time and began to learn about the importance of ingredients in the skin care that one uses. That helped for a time but I started to go to a Dermatologist to help clear my skin. They put me on oral medications and topical creams and I saw a small amount of improvement but nothing fully cleared my skin. After getting frustrated with the expense of a dermatologist I chose to try other methods and through diet, exercise and good skin care, my skin stayed relatively clear. Turning twenty-five did a number on my skin, suddenly I was dealing with cystic acne appearing on my chin and cheek area. Instead of simply going away it was scarring and my face began to pit in those areas. I tried so many different types of over the counter washes, toners and lotions, and while some helped a small amount, my skin was so tender, sensitive and inflamed, I knew I needed more help. I was also spending more and more money on makeup to cover the blemishes and inflammation which was only making it worse. I had heard about Laser Acne Treatments and how much they had helped others and was interested in seeing whether it would help me. Going through the process has not been difficult by any means. It is definitely easier than trying to live a normal life while wishing you could hide what is going on with your face! We started with Chemical Peels in the month of July to help combat the acne I was experiencing all over my face. This also helped to get rid of the build up of dead skin that causes more clogged pores. I also tried a trial kit of the Image Ormedic Line to help calm my skin’s redness and painful inflammation. I fell in love with the cleanser and serum when I started noticing the pain and redness begin to calm. My first laser treatment, I was not sure what to expect. Would it hurt? Would my face swell up and get irritated? And most of all, would I experience another breakout? While a laser treatment is not the most comfortable thing in the world, it was by no means painful. I felt a quick sensation on my skin, like a flick with a rubber band, with no pain immediately after. As soon as it happened, it was done. In other areas I did not feel anything at all. After the treatment, my skin felt as if I had been in the sun for a little while, but again no pain, no swelling, just a little warm and sensitive. My face felt normal the next day and I did not experience any additional breakouts. I could see my face begin to heal the blemishes I did already have though! We chose to do chemical peels a few days later and though I felt the peel working more as I continued with the treatments, I could see additional results and areas where the plug was so deep begin to get rid of buildup. After my second laser treatment and my 3rd peel I really began to notice my skin was almost clear. The deep, cyst-like areas were coming up with the “whitehead plug” and then healing. After talking it over with Dr. Kobobel we decided to increase the laser power. It had a stronger snap feeling but was definitely bearable. We also decided to add an additional product to my routine that contained salicylic to really help kill the bacteria and clean out my pores. After the third treatment I was already thrilled with the results. Between the peels, laser treatments and products my skin was looking great. I saw more deep acne come to the surface, a definite improvement in the rate at which my skin was healing. The tone and texture of my skin was looking and feeling much better as well. Again the laser at the higher level was not unbearable, I actually felt as if I was building up a tolerance at the new strength as far as the “snap” feeling. After my fourth Laser treatment I noticed something different. For the first time in a long time, my skin was completely clear. I had not a single blemish or inflamed area on my face. I was ecstatic! Between Laser Treatment 4 & 5 I took a small break due to scheduling conflicts. My skin reacted a small amount, but nothing like what it had been like previously. It was at this point that we did my “before” Interview for a video we are going to use for advertising. It was almost strange to me to have a single blemish on my face because my skin had been clear for several weeks. After doing a chemical peel following the laser, my face cleared up and I noticed a lot of the pigmented scarring has lightened considerably. I do not have red scars or even bright pink scars. Those areas are more and more starting to match my normal skin tone. The depth of the pitting is also continuing to improve." Monica

Actual patients of Dr. Kobobel,
Pictures belong to Laser Skin Rejuvenation Center, Space Coast Florida, copying is prohibited.




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